Option 1: The Scheme handles registration and reporting; members make their own arrangements for collection, treatment, and recycling of WEEE

thinkstep's B2BWEEE-Scheme offers members the option of arranging the collection, treatment, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of their WEEE themselves. A major benefit of this approach is that members can continue to use any existing arrangements they may have with treatment facilities and recyclers.

The UK WEEE Regulations require Producer Compliance Schemes that allow members to organise their own recycling to: "demonstrate that individual producer members will themselves arrange the collection, treatment and recycling of WEEE". In order to meet this requirement, we will carry out an audit of the your arrangements as a condition of membership. The extent and depth of the audit will vary depending on the size, complexity, and basis of the member's arrangements. Audits may be waived at thinkstep's discretion.

Prospective members wishing to use their own planned or existing collection and recycling arrangements should contact us as soon as possible so that the suitability of the arrangements can be confirmed in good time.

Option 2: The Scheme handles registration and reporting and provides a system for managing collection, treatment, and recycling of WEEE

As well as handling registration and reporting, our B2BWEEE web-based compliance management system manages and communicates WEEE collection and recycling arrangements to business end-users in the UK. This system also enables members to manage the collection, treatment and recycling in all EU Member States in which they have an obligation - not just the UK. Members using the system can use their recycler of choice or thinkstep's recommended Pan-European recycler.

A major benefit of either option is that members can contract directly with waste handlers and recyclers, and so avoid the management costs levied by other schemes for managing this activity. Members are also encouraged to negotiate with their business end-users to bear the cost of the collection and transport of the WEEE to the treatment facility.