The UK WEEE Regulations were originally published in 2006 to implement the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic (WEEE) Directive. In 2013, the UK released new WEEE Regulations to implement changes specified under the EU WEEE Recast Directive. Regulations in the United Kingdom require producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) to finance the management of your products when they arise as waste and report the weight of EEE placed on the market to the Environment Agency. More specifically WEEE producers must:

  1. register with the appropriate regulatory authority within 28 days of placing EEE on the UK market (this can be done through joining an approved Producer Compliance Scheme)

  2. provide arrangements for collection, treatment and recycling of WEEE

  3. provide their WEEE registration number to distributors (e.g. print it on invoices)

The Environment Agency has published guidance information to explain these obligations. It is an offence under the regulations to put Electrical and Electronic Equipment onto the UK market without being registered as a WEEE producer.

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The Bad News...

You must complete all of the following to ensure your company is WEEE compliant...

1. A producer of EEE placing more than 5 tonnes of equipment on the UK in a year must join a Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS) by 15 November or within 28 days of first placing EEE on the market. The PCS must be approved by the Environment Agency, SEPA, Natural Resources Wales, or the Department of Environment in Northern Ireland.

2. A producer, or a PCS acting on its behalf, is obligated to provide arrangements to finance the collection, treatment, and recycling of WEEE arising from sales of its products. They must also submit annual declarations of the weight of EEE that they placed on the market (by WEEE category) so their obligation can be calculated.

3. Producers based outside of the UK putting EEE on the UK market by distance selling (cross-border selling) must either appoint an Authorised Representative who is based in the UK or join a PCS approved for distance sales producers. This must be done before the producer starts placing EEE on the UK market.

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